On the 1st day of wellness, CK gave to me…

All of our CK home meal delivery clients will be receiving Taza Chocolate dairy-free almond milk bars (with crispy quinoa) with their meal deliveries today, thanks to Kathleen & Alex Fulton and the team at Taza Chocolate! Here is a little more about our friends at Taza:

Hi! I’m Kathleen Fulton from Taza Chocolate and we are thrilled to be included in Clandestine Kitchen’s 12 Days Wellness!

I’m a self-described endurance mom. I have three kids and run Taza Chocolate with my husband, Alex.
We built our bean-to-bar chocolate company from scratch, because we believed we could make chocolate better. Better ingredients, better for farmers, and better for you!

We live in Scituate, but our chocolate factory is in Somerville. We love our jobs, but the juggle is real. Just like you, we need better snacks to fuel our on-the-go lives. And I mean that literally. Our commute to work includes riding our bikes from downtown Boston through Cambridge and in to Somerville. So, just like you, we need to take care of ourselves and fuel ourselves, so we feel healthy, productive and make the most out of each and every day.

As you can imagine, to some extent I am chocolate fueled. Yes, I eat chocolate daily. All day long? No. But I can honestly say that I eat chocolate each and every day. Sometimes it is for a product development tasting, sometimes it is just because I am craving it and sometimes it is because I need a little boost.

I manage our Research and Development and am continuously looking for opportunities to improve our products. For years I wanted to improve our packaging and produce a bar in a resealable bag, so you could break off a hunk of chocolate, close up the package up without getting chocolate all over your bag or car. And I wanted to make chocolate that was indulgent like milk chocolate without dairy.

We made all of that happen with the introduction of our new Almond Milk Chocolate bars!
They’re smooth, creamy and decadent with NO Dairy and NO cane sugar. They’re made with Direct Trade cacao. They’re organic. They’re packaged in a convenient resealable bag. They’re a perfect indulgent snack that will help fuel your day!

(We also have a lot of other great dark chocolate on our website and we also offer tours and ample samples at our
Factory Store in Somerville).

Here’s wishing everyone a great “CK 12 Days of Wellness” and a happy New Year!