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Ali Winslow

CK Fitness Editor

Ali Winslow received her undergraduate degree in human biology and her master’s degree in medical and nutritional anthropology from The University of Pennsylvania in 1996.  She then went on to Harvard University to pursue a degree in Health Sciences, completing advanced courses in organic chemistry, physics and biochemistry. She has traveled several career paths; ranging from pharmaceutical research at MIT, to medical sales in Boston, to medically supervised weight loss clinics in her early professional days.  She then pursued a medical degree track through Boston University, but her love and passion for physical fitness and nutrition won out.  Ali has continued to focus on strength and conditioning and that is where she is today: full time head coach at Orange Theory Fitness, part time yoga teacher at Krigsman Yoga, part time strength/conditioning coach for middle to HS ages, Head Coach for Laxachusetts Girls lacrosse, and Assistant Coach for Notre Dame Academy in Hingham Girls Lacrosse.

Degrees and Certifications:

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist
Certified Functional Strength Coach
Yoga Teacher Training 200hrs
Schwinn Cycling
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Kids
Precision Nutrition

Ali’s Contributions

Back to Basics: Easing Back Into a Fitness Routine

Making yourself a priority, especially coming off a fun filled summer will help you set the tone for a great fall and an even better version of you! I always like to think of Labor Day as basically “New Years Eve” an opportunity for a total reset. I hope to see you take that leap and get back into a good routine!!

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Strength & Conditioning: For Our Youth

what every kid needs is someone to hold them accountable and someone to be a positive athletic force. Kids naturally love to exercise. Some maybe more than others, but it boils down to helping these kids gain confidence thru strength and agility training.

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The Organized Athlete

Organization requires a ton of focus, concentration, ability to compartmentalize, and balance. Organization is much like being a full time athlete. Athletes must focus on their bodies, concentrate on their movement, make decisions about when or where to move, and have balance to control their movement.

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