Spring time in New England is as unpredictable as what pair of sweats we decide to wear during quarantine, amiright? I feel you, we feel you. Perhaps dressing up is not at the top your list at the moment, but it is a guaranteed mood booster, and is guaranteed to take your mind off being home.

One way I have enjoyed dressing up, even if it is just to walk down my staircase and into the say it with me….kitchen, is with spring footwear. I have been loving a white boot, bootie and fresh white sneaker. As a lover of shoes, and one who prefers to rotate them daily without repetition-bright whites are my wheelhouse. So when I rotate out of my workout shoes, and furry slippers it feels so good to throw on a fresh bright white shoe.

It snowed recently, hello April, and 60 degree days are also on the horizon, so transitional footwear is key. If you head outside to your backyards, front porch, or just out of your slippers trade them in for some bright white boots, booties or sneakers. All three are super easy to dress up for stay at home date nights and dress down with your favorite sweats for your monthly grocery run.

Bonus, local stores and bloggers put together this great roundup of outfits inspired by our favorite bright whites.