Canton & Milton Home Meal Delivery

(Delivered Thursday, October 27, 2022)

Welcome to CK, Canton and Milton! We are so excited to be here and look forward to hand-delivering scratchmade meals, snacks and more to your doorsteps every THURSDAY (delivery window between 11:30-2:30pm).  Orders are due by 12pm every TUESDAY in order to receive your delivery on Thursdays. 

Our CK commercial kitchen is located in Kingston, MA and we deliver to all South Shore towns. We are thrilled to expand our delivery area to your neighborhoods now. We are a “scratch kitchen” and everything is made-to-order every morning, just prior to heading out our door to head to yours.

Your order will arrive in a CK insulated bag each week (with ice packs when weather is warm).  Please leave your bag out on your delivery days – we will pick up and sanitize for reuse.

Meals and snacks below are designed to serve ONE person (our servings are generous, however). Heating instructions, if necessary, are available by taking a picture of the QR code at the bottom of your packing slip.

New clients can save $20 off of your first order by entering code NEWCK at checkout (this will not combine with any other offers, please note). We can’t wait for our refrigerated delivery vans to roll up to your neighborhood!

Despite the incredibly high cost of food, product shortages, lack of availability and overall increased costs across the board, we are so proud to continue to offer organic, local, fresh, scratchmade menus each week designed to be healthy, delicious, convenient and truly give you the opportunity to enjoy 5-star dining right in your own home. Our talented team of chefs prepares our entire menu, to order, each morning just before our CK Delivery Team hand-delivers your meals and snacks right to your front door. Thank you so much for all of your support – we love fueling you and your families.

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