House plants seem to be everywhere these days. If you pick up your favorite home magazine or visit your home styling blog you could play “find the plant” in almost every image. It may seem like a trend, but I think plants have been a constant throughout the years and are now finally getting their time in the sun.

I can recall memories of my grandmother’s African violet on the kitchen sill, or the sprawling spider plant hanging in my favorite neighbors funky apartment. House plants are nothing new, and to me, can even emote certain personality traits like wild, prickly, elegant, resilient, or needy. We can feel proud when they thrive or disappointed and sad when they die.

Some plant lovers may even talk to their plants, or group them together to promote better growth. It makes one realize how much we have in common with the age old house plant. We both need plenty of water to stay hydrated, clean air to breathe, nutritious food to thrive, and sunshine to flourish. If plants don’t get these basic necessities, they get droopy, tired looking, and lose their luster, just like us. Plants remind us that by taking a little extra care in ourselves attending to our basic needs, we are able to bloom, discover new growth, and strengthen our roots.

Like plants, if we nurture ourselves inside and out, we can live our best, most healthy life while contributing something to the world that is wholly unique and special (us!). So the next time you pass your favorite house plant, think of it as a reminder to drink some water, eat well, and head outside for some sun and fresh air. And while you are it, say hello to them, I am pretty sure they may have feelings too!

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