Holiday Pop Up

Our CK Holiday Pop featuring Board143,Tryst Studio and Nectar & Green is LIVE!
Order any quantity of anything on the menu and receive delivery to your doorstep on 12/22 or 12/23 (date will be determined by your delivery address).

Orders due by Saturday 12/19/20.
Gluten Free and Vegan options available.

Board143 Homemade Truffle Cashews $7

CK Quinoa & 3 Bean Chili (gf/df) $20/quart
CK Greek Orzo Salad $15
CK Thai Noodle Bowl $15
CK Organic Roasted Veggies (df/gf) $15
CK Buffalo Hummus (gf/df) $8
CK White Bean Dip (df/gf) $8
CK ‘super addicting’ large Granola Bar $8
CK Mini Whoopie Pies (3) $10
CK Cake Pops (3) $12

Garden to Garnish local honey $10
Tryst Studio Baja Zen body scrub $29
Groove Juice CBD drops $45

Email orders to