CK Kids “Aspiring Chef” Program

How It Works:

  • Click here or use the button below to unlock our CK Recipe Box ($6.99/mo) – with new, simple recipes added every day – to give your child access to our arsenal of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert/snacks (20% of all subscriptions goes to local food pantries).
    We will be specifically adding more simple, kid-friendly recipes (using accessible ingredients) each day during the program.
  • Once your child has made TEN recipes for your family from our CK Recipe Box, send us an email and we will send your child a certificate AND one of our favorite NEW cookbooks to start their own cookbook library.
  • Stay tuned for more fun cooking challenges, prizes and motivation to keep kids active in the kitchen.

CK Kid’s 1-Minute Cooking Show Videos:

  • In addition, have your children watch our CK 1-Minute Cooking Show videos for inspiration.
  • Submit your child’s OWN 1-Minute Cooking Show videos and our team will select a video to air on our social media channels every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:45pm as a part of our new CK 1-Minute Cooking Show series (you can send via email to There is no limit on number of video submissions.
  • Every child with a CK Kids 1-Minute Cooking Show video that is featured will be entered to win a cookbook (drawing every friday at 1:45pm, winner will be notified).