Wondering what to do with all of those Turkey Day leftovers? Besides the obvious turkey sandwiches, add a little spice and combine your turkey (sub for chicken), carrots, peas & sweet potatoes in this comforting, healthy and delicious recipe from local certified Health Coach, and new CK wellness partner, Anne Dwyer.

After overcoming her own health struggles, Anne became a certified health coach and started her own business, Health & Harmony, six years ago. Her approach is holistic and considers improvements in eating habits as well as lifestyle. She carefully guides her clients to follow an appropriate health plan that is based on their unique selves.

During this process, she helps clients sort through the volume of health information available nowadays, much of which can seem contradictory. She emphasizes the importance of quality whole foods and the need to form healthy, consistent habits.

Anne makes sure her clients will see results and gives them individualized support the entire way. In addition to individual coaching, she also runs a variety of group cleanses, detoxes and workshops throughout the year. You can follow Anne on Facebook or Instagram.

Stay tuned for more clean recipes (and, watch for them in our home meal delivery menus!), nutrition expertise, wellness advice and inspiration from Anne in our Clean Eats blog category. Anne’s recipes are simple, packed with nutrients and use only whole ingredients.

Happy Thanksgiving from our kitchen to yours!