CK Family Dinner Delivery Menus

Two delicious menus delivered to your door on Thursday, April 6th

This week’s Thursday Family Meal Delivery menus include everything you need for a cozy family meal at home.

CK Family BBQ for 2 (BBQ ribs OR chicken w/pineapple salsa, homemade classic Mac & Cheese, CK slaw)

CK Buffalo Chicken Calzones for 2 (homemade calzones, classic Caesar salad)

ADD-ON: Chef Kira’s homemade Cake Pop Truffles (4 per order)

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Very limited availability. Delivered between 2-6pm on March 23, 2023. South Shore residents residents only. Minimum order $35, please.

  • ADD ON: Chef Kira’s “Cake Pop” Truffles for 2 (Family Dinner 4/6)


    Add on a whimsical, delicious dessert to your family dinner order this week with Chef Kira’s “cake pop” truffles (cake pops without the stick!). 4 pieces designed for 2 people to share.

    Contains: egg, wheat, dairy

  • CK Family BBQ Night (Family Dinner 4/6)


    Our CK Family BBQ for 2 features your CHOICE of either BBQ ribs or BBQ chicken with pineapple salsa. Served with our homemade mac & cheese for 2 and our classic housemade slaw for that cool, crunchy bite. Serves 2. Gluten-free available upon request.


    Contains: mac & cheese contains dairy and wheat (unless requesting GF), slaw contains sesame.

  • Homemade Buffalo Chicken Calzones for 2 (Family Dinner 4/6)


    Two of our CK homemade Buffalo Chicken Calzones featuring our housemade buffalo sauce, shredded chicken, cheese blend and pizza dough. Served together with a classic CK “Caesar” Salad to share. Serves 2.

    Calzones contain: wheat, dairy, egg

    Salad contains: dairy, sesame

    To Serve: Place calzones on a prepared baking sheet in a 350-degree oven for approximately 10 minutes, until warmed through.