Hatherly School Delivery

Below, please find the Hatherly School Delivery menu for delivery on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19th.

Please choose any quantities of any items you would like to include in your order (minimum order of $25, please).

ORDERS DUE BY NOON ON FRIDAYS (for delivery the following Monday afternoons). Late orders will be cancelled.

Please apply code HATHERLY10 to receive our 10% HERO discount offered to all education staff, administration and teachers. We appreciate all you do for our children!

Please enter “Hatherly School” with the Scituate zip code for the “Delivery Address”.

All orders will be delivered to the main office of the Hatherly School on Mondays by 3:30pm.  Your name will be clearly marked on your delivery bag. As this is a timed location-specific dropoff location, your delivery will arrive in a paper bag without ice unless specifically requested.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly at info@clandestinekithen.com or call us at 781-361-7045.

Meal Choices

Snacks & Sides