Holiday Stress? Just Breathe.

Destress and improve your immune system with your Breath.
Breathwork awakens your body’s innate ability to heal itself and allows you to connect with your higher self and life purpose. It helps re-train your body to breathe effectively in day-to-day living AND during stressful times. It helps to clear old beliefs and patterns that keep you from healthy, joyful living.

Deep and conscious breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which kicks off the natural relaxation response. This is the exact opposite of a stress response. Breathe slower, deeper, and more consciously to reduce anxiety. Increase Clarity and Focus: Slow, conscious breathing fully oxygenates the brain.
The result: You are more energized and empowered to make choices that lead you to health, joy, love, and peace in your life.

During a recent “Introduction to Breathwork” Workshop a Body Blueprint & Movement Lab, Tara Nieves, Therapeutic Breathwork Practitioner, guided participants through the powerful and profound experience of conscious, connected breathing that leads to a healthier breath pattern… a healthier Life pattern. The 2 1/2 hour workshop included a breath awareness exercise, lecture, facilitated breathwork session and debrief/question- answer time.

Benefits of conscious connected breathing:
• clear out old emotions, patterns, and beliefs that no longer serve you
• relieve tension in your body making you look and feel younger
• reduce your blood pressure
• improve your immune system
• improve the quality of your sleep
• energize your body
• bring more mental clarity
• increase detoxification

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