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Jenn Mathien

CK Fitness Editor

Jenn Mathien has been professionally teaching Pilates for the past 10 years. Originally earning her full mat- and equipment- certification through Unity Pilates in Sydney, Australia, Jenn then completed the full STOTT Pilates training in Sydney, Los Angeles, and New York, including specialty training for pre- and post-natal women, cross-training athletes, and other special populations. She is also fully certified Barre instructor through Boston Body Barre.

While her teaching approach is rooted in classical Pilates, Jenn’s signature style also infuses barre, yoga, and modern kinesiology methods. Jenn loves a good beat and the rhythm that the breath creates.

She teaches private reformer pilates out of her home in Hingham and teaches private and small group classes at other’s homes by request. Jenn is super psyched to announce that, beginning December 3rd, her NEW group studio classes begin at Hingham Square Creative Studio (185 Lincoln Street, Suite 200, Hingham) and you can register (up to a month in advance so you can plan your workouts!) now at

Studio class schedule:
Tuesdays @ 8:45am Pilates-Barre Fusion
Wednesdays @7:15pm: Pilates Flow
Sundays @ 7:30am: Pilates-Barre Fusion
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Jenn’s Contributions

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