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Karin Monfredo, George & Dino

CK Style Editor

Karin is a lifelong style enthusiast whose heart beats for cool sneakers, well-made hats, and the unexpected (when it comes to fashion). She lives by the mantra “get the outfit, the occasion will follow,” and feels strongly that there are no rules in fashion, and believes dressing is an art form.

She recently designed and launched George & Dino bags to fill the void of cool/durable/organized totes. An award-winning copywriter with a background in advertising, Karin has always been in the creative world and is beyond thrilled to share her ideas and thoughts with the CK family.

Visit www.georgeanddino.com

Karin’s Contributions

Holiday Health & Happiness: Self-Care & Socks

Some people get massages, meditate, do yoga, or read a book. Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes. For this fashionista, that size was One Size Fits All when I recently decided to treat myself to a bunch of new socks.

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Eco-friendly Sneakers for Your Feet and Your Soul

Sneakers have become a cool closet staple and literally there are no rules with this trend. We’re seeing the laid-back look with everything from jeans to suits and even evening wear. If you haven’t already gone bananas for kicks, Veja sneakers may push you over the edge.

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How Statement Earrings Can Change Your Life—and Your Look

Right now, being extra is in. But who has the time to put together intricate outfits to achieve this over-the-top look? No one I know. So let’s break this idea down to a simple item with MAJOR impact: statement earrings.

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