• July Plant Based Series (July 2022)


    Please join us for our July Plant Based series featuring several NEW menu items designed to highlight seasonal produce and introduce new flavor profiles. Delivery every Wednesday throughout the month of July ($45/week includes 2 unique meals + 1 snack). All plant-based, organic, scratchmade to order. Vegan and gluten-free/dairy-free substitutions available upon request.

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    May Plant Based Series 2022


    Join us for the remaining 3 weeks of our May Plant Based Series (delivery every Wednesday for 3 weeks) and add some serious plant-power to your week. We have many NEW vegetarian and vegan meals and snacks coming your way and will be highlighting special local ingredients as they become available this spring. It’s a very exciting time to eat local and enjoy the benefits of adding more local vegetables, herbs, and greens to your weekly nutrition plan.

  • Plant Based Series: April 2022


    PLEASE NOTE: Our CK Plant Based weekly delivery arrives every WEDNESDAY between 2:00-7:00pm.

    The perfect opportunity to infuse your week with a little extra “plant power” in a healthy and delicious way. Menus are “chef’s choice” and are noted below for the month. Menus change every week throughout this 4-week session AND you have the opportunity to add items to your order from our weekly Home Delivery menu, too.

    All menus are 100% plant-based (vegan preparation is available upon request) using locally sourced organic produce, whole grains and housemade dressings and sauces.

    If you require vegan, gluten-free and/or dairy-free preparation, please make a note of this when placing your order (please see menu substitutions marked clearly below)

    Each week, you will receive 2 unique meals and 1 snack ($45/week). Stock your fridge all month long with healthy, delicious and unique vegetarian meals. Our April 2022 session begins soon and includes the following remaining dates: 4/6, 4/13, 4/20, 4/27 ($180 for the session). All menu items serve 1 person.

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    Holiday Weekend Brunch


    Includes all items (serves 2-4 people):

    CK Candied Bacon: organic, local applewood smoked bacon with 100% pure maple, SalterieOne North sea salt, brown sugar. (GF/DF). Serves 2-4 people.

    CK Smoked Brisket Hash: organic, grass-fed, slow smoked brisket, sweet potato, caramelized onion, sauteed peppers, yukon gold potato, herbs, garlic, smoked paprika, rosemary. (GF/DF). Serves 2-4 people.

    CK Frittatas: one each of our cage-free, organic egg frittatas: pesto + roasted vegetable (1) and organic local chicken sausage + cheddar cheese (2). CONTAINS: egg, dairy (cheddar).

    CK Maple Roasted Pears: organic pears halved and filled with maple, herbs and spices and roasted – served with gluten-free granola and housemade cinnamon-vanilla Greek Yogurt on the side.

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    December Plant Based Series


    Join us for 4 weeks of plant-based meals and snacks delivered to your doorstep every Monday throughout the month of December. NEW menu items featured alongside classic CK favorites. This series will be a delicious plant-based culinary adventure.

    Delivery dates are: 12/6, 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

    Space is limited.


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