Our homemade “Fish Tacos for 2” is centered around our wildly popular CK Chili Lime dressing. Fresh, local cod (sourced for us by Jake’s Seafoods) is marinated in our chili lime seasoning (perfectly cooked – you flake it yourself just prior to serving!) and served alongside housemade mango salsa, corn tortillas, and of course, our CK Chili Lime dressing.  Delivered to your door on Friday, April 1st.  Add the corresponding “Kid’s Menu” item and it’s “fiesta night” for the whole family!

This delivery includes all of the following:

  • Fish Tacos for 2: local cod, mango salsa, corn tortillas, chili-lime dressing
  • Deconstructed Street Corn Salad for 2 (contains: dairy)
  • Homemade Key Lime Pie Bars
  • 12oz bottle of CK Chili Lime Dressing

Be sure to add the corresponding “Beef Taco Kid’s Meal” to this delivery for a complete family Friday night meal.