Please plan to pick up your CK x Conservatory Cooler for 2 upon arrival on Saturday, July 23, 2022. Your name will be clearly marked and pickup will occur inside the event tent.

Includes all items (serves 2):

  • CK Pesto Pasta Salad with local organic chicken sausage: pasta, housemade nut-free pesto, roasted cherry tomato, summer peas, fresh basil, local organic grilled chicken sausage. CONTAINS: wheat
  • CK Organic Brioche BLT: local applewood smoked bacon, field greens, summer tomato, housemade balsamic reduction, brioche roll, housemade tahini ranch dressing. CONTAINS: wheat, sesame
  • CK Golden Lemon Cream Whoopie Pies (contains: egg, wheat, dairy)