Join us as we celebrate the return of warmer temperatures, picnics, beach walks and life by the sea. This special menu, delivered Thursday, May 19th, features our housemade Crab Cake BLT sandwiches (featuring crab sourced by Jakes Seafoods for CK). Serves 2 and includes all of the following:

– 2 CK Crab Cake BLT’s: housemade jumbo lump crab cakes, applewood smoked bacon, brioche roll, housemade aioli, organic field greens, organic tomato (contains: wheat, dairy, seafood)
– CK Antipasto Pasta Salad for 2 (contains: wheat, dairy)
– CK housemade,organic Gazpacho (gf/df)
– CK housemade Salted Caramel Tiramisu (feat. Seabird cold brew) for 2 to share (contains: wheat, egg, dairy)