CK Healthy Take Out Night for 2 – a CK Friday Night Delivery favorite is back! Order up for date-night or order extra and feed the whole family. Includes all items listed below.

CK Grass-fed Beef with Broccoli for 2: our “healthy” take on Broccoli Beef featuring organic broccoli (grass fed beef, coconut aminos, sesame, herbs, spices, organic broccoli. CONTAINS: coconut, sesame)

CK Cashew Chicken for 2: (organic chicken, cashews, herbs, spices, coconut aminos, sesame oil, pineapple, red pepper. CONTAINS: tree nuts, coconut, sesame)

CK Herbed Rice for 2: one each of our brown herbed rice (16oz) and jasmine herbed rice (16oz) to share

CK Homemade Chocolate Whoopie Pies (4 per order) (CONTAINS: wheat, dairy, egg)