Last week’s “CK Healthy Takeout” was so delicious (and received so many rave reviews) that we are seriously craving it again right now. The chilly temperatures this week have us longing for cozy, comfort food prepared in a healthy way using organic ingredients, delivered right to our doorsteps, right (and a fire, and our sweatpants, and Netflix)? So, let’s do it!

This menu includes all of the following items and will arrive to you on Thursday, March 31st between 3-7pm courtesy of our friendly CK Delivery Team. It’s takeout – but, delivered.

  • CK Veggie Lo Mein for 2 (contains: sesame, coconut)
  • CK Peanut Satay with crushed peanuts, scallions and our housemade Thai Peanut Sauce for dipping for 2 (contains: sesame, coconut, peanut)
  • Herbed Jasmine Coconut Rice for 2 (contains: coconut, sesame)