Some trends are quite obvious when it comes to fashion. This year animal prints, and especially leopard print, are a clear standout! It’s easy to spot (wink wink) this trend and it’s super easy for everyone to wear. Leopard print never really goes out of style in my opinion. I have pieces in my closet that I’ve had for 15+ years and no intention of retiring them anytime soon. So if you are looking for a piece to invest in this year, this could be your item. Here are a few tips on how I like to wear the print.

Dressed up/Dressed down
A leopard dress is an easy way to dress up the print. What I love about a dress, especially this season is how easily you can layer items underneath the dress (I’m thinking sheer turtleneck under a sleeveless dress) or on top of it (Here a big chunky comfortable knit). Layered or not, you can still keep this look polished with a great sandal or bootie.

I love a touch of leopard in your accessories to dress it down. Try a belt, mule or loafer paired with jeans and a tee/athleisure sweater. Nothing looks quite as cool or comfortable. (case in point…CK’s own Courtney wearing her leopard belt with ripped jeans and a white tee)

Colors/Classic Tones
The pops of colors have certainly found their way into prints this year too. I can’t wait to wear my royal blue/turquoise printed sweater when the mood hits! I like the bright colored prints myself, its a fun way to update a classic.

If you are more classic with your tastes, you will have no problem wearing the traditional camel/black tones. Chances are you have a few pieces already in your closet. If this is the case, try wearing your originals in a new way. Think layers, high waisted anything, or wear your heels with jeans on a Sunday, or flats with dresses and skirts during the week.

How do you wear your leopard….Here’s how we wear ours! (unplanned but well coordinated CK wellness tribe)

Jess leopard 4
Jess leopard 3