Gut Health Holiday Series: Healing From The Inside, Out

For anyone on the journey to understanding the best tools for personal gut health, this very special 6 week home delivery series is designed for you. Eliminating the major triggers for gut distress (including gluten, dairy, processed foods, corn, soy, nuts, legumes, raw produce and very spicy foods) and creating a menu focused on healing, restorative, organic, locally-sourced ingredients all specifically chosen to be easily digested, nourishing and clean. The addition of organic, grass-fed bone broth, gut-healing stretches, movements and mindfulness, and the opportunity to plan your own personal gut health action-plan with local professionals armed with tools to uncover what you need to feel your very best.

Give yourself the gift of gut health this holiday season and join us for this 6-week series of THURSDAY DELIVERY. Each week you will receive 2 meals and 1 snack. Series dates: 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16.

Open to South Shore residents for delivery on THURSDAYS between 2pm-7pm.

Enrollment is for the entire program. No substitutions please.

Optional add-on programs and products described below. These can only be purchased in conjunction with the Gut Health meal delivery series (not for individual sale).

We deliver to Hingham, Cohasset, Hull, Scituate, Marshfield, Duxbury, Norwell, Pembroke parts of Hanover and parts of Weymouth and Plymouth and Kingston.

CK Gut Health Holiday Series Menu:

  • November 4th: Meal #1: Butternut Squash Risotto with locally-sourced roasted herb-rubbed halibut, Meal #2: Ginger-Carrot Soup with roasted carrot chips, Snack: Matcha Smoothie (banana, almond milk, organic ceremonial grade matcha.
  • November 11th: Meal #1: Stuffed Sweet Potato with broccoli, peppers, mushroom, shredded chicken, housemade pickled purple cabbage, nut-free pesto, Meal #2: Grass-fed Beef Chili made with HALE Bone Broth (no beans), Snack: CocoYo probiotic yogurt parfait topped with orange supremes, turmeric + cinnamon.
  • November 18th: Meal #1: Roasted Chicken Piccata with roasted sweet potato and lightly sauteed citrus kale, Meal #2: Mild Lemongrass Curry with organic vegetables and simple brown rice, Snack: Pumpkin Overnight Oats
  • December 2nd: Meal #1: “CK Hash” with organic ground turkey, roasted vegetables, housemade mild pineapple BBQ sauce, Meal #2: CK Healthy Chicken Parm: baked herbed chicken, housemade nut free pesto, housemade tomato jam, sauteed spinach, roasted potato, Snack: Blueberry + Raspberry Smoothie (coconut milk)
  • December 9th: Meal #1: Roasted Acorn Squash filled with roasted roasted carrot, broccoli, peppers, kale, currants, brown rice and cinnamon, Meal #2: Herb Crusted Salmon with balsamic sweet potato mash and roasted asparagus, Snack: Roasted Beet Salad with sauteed kale, citrus supremes and citrus vinaigrette
  • December 16th: Meal #1: Meal #1: Roasted Butternut Squash + Apple Soup, Meal #2: Grilled Steak Tips with roasted carrot fries (tahini dipping sauce) and pineapple rice (sauteed peppers, pineapple, coconut aminos sesame), Snack: Health-Ade Kombucha

This Week’s Offerings

  • CK Probiotic Overnight Oats Package

    This very special probiotic add-on features 3 servings of our CK Probiotic Overnight Oats. Gluten-free oats are soaked in all-natural almond milk, organic fruit puree, probiotic coconut yogurt, with warm spices such as cinnamon, turmeric and locally made sea salt.
    3 servings included with each week’s meal delivery. The perfect gut-friendly, satisfying breakfast, snack or evening treat.
    Week 1: cranberry
    Week 2: orange + turmeric
    Week 3: apple + cinnamon
    Week 4: blueberry +acai
    Week 5: strawberry
    Week 6: mango + lime
    (available as a complete series only)
  • Add-On:HALE Bone Broth For Your Home


    1 quart of HALE Bone Broth, frozen in individual portion blocks so you can store in the freezer and remove when ready to use. Include in soups, chilis, broths, slow cooker recipes or simply add to your favorite latte/coffee/tea for a fortified cup of gut healthy nutrients. Delivered WEEK ONE of this CK Gut Health Holiday Series (included with Week 1 meal delivery).

  • Gut Health Evaluation Consultation w/Zen Den Medical

    A 1:1 30-minute personalized appointment with Zen Den Medical’s own NP Alexa Sequira.
    Learn more about the importance of your own personal gut health and how to repair and why this is important for optimal health.  Explore the options for personal gut health testing, offering a unique opportunity to take a close look at the microbial world that exists in your gut, and how it affects your daily functions. When the gut is “leaky” and bacteria and toxins enter the bloodstream, it can cause widespread inflammation and possibly trigger a reaction from the immune system. Supposed symptoms of leaky gut syndrome include bloating, food sensitivities, fatigue, digestive issues and skin problems, weight gain, inflammation.
    Learn more about  gut testing & micronutrient testing, along with supplementation suggestions and best IV for repairing the gut.
    CK Gut Health Holiday Series participants will receive 20% off this 1:1 consolation (regularly $195) and the opportunity to book personalized testing, nutritional IV’s and in-depth nutritional evaluations. 
  • Add-On: B-12 Series w/Zen Den Medical


    Vitamin B-12 is celebrated for boosting overall gut health, resolving digestive issues and increasing energy level by supporting red blood cell production. B-12 supports immunity and promotes healthy digestion.  Zen Den Medical’s Vitamin Injections are designed to help you feel your best along your journey to optimum gut health.

    This package includes 3 B-12 Vitamin Injections to be used throughout the program (each injection is normally $25/ea – special 3-series package discount for CK Gut Health Holiday Series participants).

  • Add-On: Thursday Night Meditation + Stretching (Zoom) w/Jennifer Mathien


    This 6-week series is designed for our CK Gut Health Holiday Series participants to truly engage in gut health from the inside, out. Join local Pilates instructor, Jennifer Mathien, in 30 minutes of light, gentle stretching and guided meditation every Thursday throughout this session (same session dates as meal delivery) designed to improve digestion, alleviate bloating and increase flexibility and mindfulness. Zoom link information will be distributed prior to the first class to all registered class members.

  • 6 Week Series Registration


    Join us for a very special 6-week Gut Health Holiday Series meal delivery program. All ingredients included in these menus are designed to be easily digested while offering optimum nutritional elements.

    Warm soft spices such as turmeric and cinnamon, probiotic yogurt and kombucha, slow roasted organic vegetables, organic proteins and the inclusion of organic, locally-made bone broth, locally harvested organic sea salt and great care and delicacy in preparing foods so they are gentle and easily absorbed by the gut.

    We will be partnering with Zen Den Medical as they offer special pricing on B-12 injections, nutritional IV’s, 1:1 consultations with gut health experts and the ability to schedule personalized gut health testing. We will also be including the opportunity to add weekly stretching/meditation with local Pilates instructor, Jennifer Mathien, and include your own extra deliveries of HALE Bone Broth throughout this program. See “add on” menu items for details.