I think we all rely on our favorite pieces that become part of our uniform: a great necklace, comfortable leggings, structured blazer, denim, stiletto heels. “Uniform pieces” are the go-to pieces that you wear time and time again, and never in the same way!

My uniform all winter – and I’m feeling it is staying through spring – is turtlenecks. I never used to appreciate this staple quite like I have this year. The same turtleneck can be sexy, sleek, cozy & classic – you gotta love the versatility of that!

This winter, I’ve been wearing them as an everyday basic, layered under everything from dresses to tees, and as a statement piece. As we await the first day of Spring (8 days away…but who’s counting?) one of the things I’m excited to hang onto from winter is this uniform piece. While we dream of bright warm days, and the wardrobe to match, keep hold of your uniform pieces by incorporating them into new spring purchases and trends.

I’m wearing my solid turtlenecks with bright pants and skirts.

Chunky basic turtlenecks with high waisted straight leg denim and a floss heel (more on that to come).

And statement turtlenecks with skirts and boots.

What’s your seasonal, or forever, uniform? I bet you also have one and it’s the item/piece that makes you comfortable and confident. Use that confidence to branch out and style it with something new you have been eyeing or dying to try.

uniform dressing 1
uniform dressing 2
uniform dressing 3