Meet Our CK Wellness Editors

Our curated community of experts on health and well-being.
Kasey Anton
Kasey AntonBusiness Editor
Maria Bromley
Maria BromleySelf-Care & Mindfulness Editor
Cindy Doody
Cindy DoodyRestoration Editor
Carley Dunphy
Carley DunphyNutrition Editor
Trish Hart
Trish HartStress Management Editor
Caitlin Levin
Caitlin LevinKindness Editor
Jenn Mathien
Jenn MathienFitness Editor
Karin Monfredo
Karin MonfredoStyle Editor
Kelly O'Keefe Stuart
Kelly O'Keefe StuartBeauty Editor
Jessica Sandifer
Jessica SandiferStyle Editor
Katie Leavitt Sutton
Katie Leavitt SuttonCommunity Editor
Sara Dickison Taylor
Sara Dickison TaylorSelf-Care & Mindfulness Editor
Erin Waldner
Erin WaldnerFitness Editor
Ali Winslow
Ali WinslowFitness Editor