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Self Care: It’s Not Just a Buzz Word

Self care seems to be a buzz word lately, but sometimes we need a reminder to press pause and allow ourselves some recovery time. We all have busy, sometimes over-scheduled lives where we try to balance the needs of spouses, children, aging parents, work, finances and day-to-day life. That leaves little time for us as individuals.

2020-03-15T14:10:30-04:00By |Just Breathe, Maria Bromley|

Decalcifying Your Pineal Gland (part one)

One of the main jobs of the pineal gland (the "third eye") is to release melatonin to direct circadian rhythms and sleep cycles. It also impacts hormone balance and the immune system. If you didn't already know, your pineal gland has a big impact on your health & wellness.

2020-01-01T21:55:50-05:00By |Just Breathe, Maria Bromley|

Holiday Health & Happiness: Good Vibrations

The law of attraction - according to the "New Thought" philosophy, "is the belief that the universe creates and provides for you that which your thoughts are focused on. While there are critics of this absolute philosophy, most agree that having positive thoughts can improve your energy level and promote positive outcomes.

2019-11-26T11:14:25-05:00By |Just Breathe, Maria Bromley|

Off Duty Model/On Duty Citizen

Off Duty Model/On Duty Citizen (ODM/ODC) is proving that sustainable is sexy. Founded by model, entrepreneur and activist, Britt Bergmeister and her mom, former model and current Hingham businesswoman Maria Bromley, ODM/ODC was created to bring awareness and opportunity for women to achieve style with ease while protecting our environment.


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