Meet the CK Team

Courtney Doyle


Courtney Doyle, born and raised in Seattle, Washington, is the Owner of Clandestine Kitchen, LLC (CK). CK, a ‘total body wellness’ lifestyle brand and home & corporate healthy meal delivery service, was born from Doyle’s desire to share her love of food, passion for cooking, and dedication to nutrition and healthy living with her community. A lifelong athlete with a heart for community service and family, Doyle relocated to Hingham, MA from San Francisco, CA where she had furthered her interest in the culinary world and was exposed to clean, organic food and holistic life practices well ahead of the movement that had seemingly just made its way out to the east coast. Surrounding herself with mentors, in and out of the kitchen, Doyle’s passion to create healthy food (CK specializes in gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free meals using local organic produce and clean organic proteins) and curate a wellness destination encompassing all areas of self-care, nutrition and healthy living practices, have come to fruition with CK. A wife, mom of 3 (4 counting her yellow Lab, Jaxson), former marketing and communications professional and activist for her community, Doyle spends her time outside of CK on the sidelines of her children’s sports games, exploring menus at restaurants with her husband, traveling, enjoying live music (favorite genre is country) and breathing in the moments that make your body and soul feel alive, strong, and capable. A former basketball player, Doyle is particularly passionate about creating food for clean energy, body restoration, and the power of engaging the mind to channel the power of positive thinking and clear vision. Though her ‘kitchen runway collection’ of yoga pants and baseball caps are her current wardrobe staples, Doyle loves fashion and beauty and believes that the only way to truly ‘glow’ as a human being, is to love yourself, find the light in others and that a beautiful and honest smile really can change the world.

Kate Lavigne

Kate LaVigne

Operations Manager

Kate LaVigne is owner of DesignSmith, an organization and interior decorating business with a focus on creating spaces that are both beautiful + functional. As a professional organizer and certified decorator, Kate brings her sense of style, humor + sensitivity to all situations. Whether it is prepping a home for sale, packing + unpacking boxes or helping clients breathe new life into their homes, Kate creates a space that reflects the true essence of you.

Kate is also a founder of W3 (Women Working with Women), a community of local, trusted and experienced professional women who come together in a confidential environment to share ideas and strategies. Members serve as resources for one another’s clients, give referrals to grow their businesses, and encourage and support one another to thrive personally and professionally.
Kate received her undergraduate degree from Colby College in Maine and her graduate degree from Boston College. Prior to starting her own business, Kate was a high school counselor and education non-profit director. She is the mom of two rad girls who are psyched to reap the benefits of their mom working at Clandestine Kitchen.

Corylynn Byrne

Corylynn Byrne

CK Kitchen Manager

Corylynn Byrne (Cory), born and raised in Hingham, has been a lover of food her whole life. Raised with the belief that what you grow is what’s best for your soul, her daily life starts and ends with tending to chickens, a large vegetable garden, honey bees, her sweet dog Misty and her rambunctious cat Pepe. Cory is a Hingham High School graduate and has worked with local private chef and for local catering companies such as Bare Cove Cafe & Catering, Seasons Cafe & Catering and Eataly Boston.

Joining the CK Kitchen Team is a dream for Cory. Using her love for farm to table ingredients and cooking, she feels right at home at CK. Cory will be assisting in recipe development and execution and is looking forward to bringing her expertise and experience to the CK kitchen.

Kira Chipman, Sous Chef

Kira Chipman

CK Pastry Chef + Culinary Supervisor

Kira Chipman, born & raised in Hingham, MA, graduated from Johnson & Wales University with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Food Service Management. Kira has worked every where from restaurants (including local favorite, Trident (Hingham)), country clubs (Black Rock (Hingham), Iron Horse Golf Club (Montana)), and hotels/ catering (Boston’s Seaport Hotel & Hart Brothers Catering). Kira enjoys being outside, hiking, traveling, listening to music, and has a goal to visit all National Parks someday. Kira loves spending time with her family, cooking/baking, and gardening with her mom (she has a 40 foot garden and always covers our deck with herbs and veggies!).

Kimberly Granat

Kimberly Granat

CK Operations Associate

An Indianapolis native, Kimberly created and managed marketing programs for Boston restaurants before moving to Duxbury with her family in 2009. Now she can be found rowing on Duxbury Bay, cheering too loudly on youth sport sidelines, and dreaming of moving to Italy. She’s thrilled to be part of the CK team!

Erin Childs

Erin Childs

CK Consultant

Meet Erin Childs. As native New Yorker, she began her career in special events. In 2004 when she moved to Boston, Erin jumped into the fast-casual space. Erin has spent over 16 years learning and mastering her restaurant knowledge and expertise in helping companies grow and succeed (while having a lot of fun along the way). Erin spent the last 10 years at Boloco, a Boston based burrito & bowl company. She loves all things food, running and having fun with her family and friends.

Kimberly Granat

Ben Cutler

Recipe Box Editor

A Johnson & Wales University graduate with a Culinary Arts Degree and a UMASS Boston graduate with an Economics Degree, Ben is currently the chef/owner of XR BBQ.

Formerly a line cook at Tosca, Sous Chef at Atlantica (part of the original opening team), Chef/Owner of Bread & Lily, Baker’s Best Operations Manager and culinary whiz ‘for hire’ for myriad events, Ben brings his passion for food, flavor and fun to our CK Recipe Box team.

Ben’s interests include all things ‘food related’, skiing, boating/fishing, music (he is a new guitar player), home building projects, hanging out with friends and family, and giving back to the community.

Tina Haupert

Tina Haupert

Recipe Box Editor

Tina is a South Shore-based Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), nutrition coach, cookbook author, and the creative mind behind Carrots ‘N’ Cake—a popular healthy living blog that chronicles her adventures, workouts, and recipes, all while sharing how you can have your carrots and eat your cake, too. Tina works one-on-one with clients, utilizing functional testing and a macro-based approach to help them enhance their metabolism, hormones, and diet to achieve their health and body composition goals. Tina is also an IBD advocate. Tina works closely with CK on nutritional analysis and food labeling.

Kimberly Granat

Helen Scoville

Recipe Box Editor

Growing up, before Helen’s family even finished one meal they were talking and planning the next. Food was family, love, connection, and fun! Her love of being in the kitchen blossomed even further throwing dinner parties in her studio apartment at McGill College in Montreal. Originally from Winchester, Helen ventured south of the city to Hingham to raise her 3 young daughters with her husband and two fur babies (Luna and Ollie). Creating meals that nourish her family brings her more joy than anything. She loves finding new meals to please her busy tribe and bring them to the table.

Though she’s always been passionate about nutrition, caring so deeply about what is going into her family’s bodies has ignited her desire to help others achieve true health and wellness. In addition to getting creative in the kitchen (lots of little tastebuds to please!), Helen is also studying to be a Holistic Health Coach.

Kimberly Granat

Melissa Smith

Recipe Box Editor

Melissa Smith is the owner of the wellness lifestyle brand The Hale Life and the created and co-owner of The Hale Bone Broth. The brand is dedicated to building a community of people connected by the common purpose of living a life rooted in wellness. The name HALE is intentional. The word’s meaning is healthy and strong, and as a mnemonic stands for Healthy Accountable Living Enjoyed. Melissa has always had a passion for health and fitness, but was missing how it contributed to her overall well-being. She was looking for a way to help her recover and refuel from the day to day wear and tear physically, but really what she needed was a way to enhance her life with the right nutrients and minerals to support a healthy lifestyle. She realized she was missing the element of healing and replenishing her body. The answer was bone broth for Melissa. Her goal is to help people heal with Hale and use it to restore, recover and replenish. That’s the Hale life.

Anne Stenfors

Annemarie Stenfors

Recipe Box Editor + Culinary Advisor

Annemarie grew up surrounded by a large Irish-Italian family where food would bring everyone together, whether times were joyful or sad. Food and cooking have always been a passion of hers. This led Annemarie to The Culinary Institute of America, where she graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies.

Annemarie has worked for Chef Ken Oringer at Tosca, George Germon and Johanne Killeen at Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, and developed recipes and menu items for Paul Wahlberg at Alma Nove as the Chef de Cuisine, and, as Culinary Director, procured product and location specific recipes for international Wahlburgers locations. Annemarie and her husband owned and operated a Northern Italian-Mediterranean themed restaurant in Hull for 8 years.

Annemarie loves cooking a wide variety of cuisines, from house made pasta, to seafood, to fresh and flavorful salads. She loves any opportunity to teach and talk food. Annemarie is so excited for the opportunity to share her experiences and work with and learn from this talented CK Team.