Holiday Health & Happiness: Kindness Matters

If inspiring empathy is the key to humanity how can we make sure that we are doing enough in our own lives? It sounds like an overwhelming dilemma but it’s truly not that hard. To start, let’s make a more concerted effort to connect with those around us.

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Back To Basics: Set Your Routine With A Post-It

I’ve read that it takes 66 days, on average, to set a new routine, so be patient but also know that the time you put in now will help your kids feel calmer and more in control of their lives. And that really can make every day lovelier.

Back to Basics: Managing Back to School Stress

As the weather gets cooler and the air crisper, our memories of summer fall into the distance, our energy depletes, and the balance of our mind and body scale begins to tip. Too much stress, unchecked, can lead to illnesses because of a compromised immune system, or emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, how stress is managed is important.

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Money & Fitness

This may or may not be the first time you’ve heard this - that there are many similarities between the fitness industry and managing your money. Commitment, goal-setting, patience and accountability are absolutely necessary if you want to change your financial future! Small, steady, consistent wins can make all the difference and truly drive momentum toward your goals.

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Nature Will Nurture

Science is demonstrating what we intuitively know: Nature makes us happy, and studies have shown that even our brain changes from getting outside. Nature is a source of wonder and inspiration, and throughout history, people have long been interested in its healing power. What is so wonderful about nature is that it is a free resource, and you don’t need to go far to experience the bliss of a natural environment. Even a brief walk in the woods, drive by the ocean, or sitting quietly in your garden can do the trick!

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Hingham’s Michael Page: Forecasting His Future

There is no way I would be here, especially at this fairly early stage of my career, without the help of so many mentors along the way. It’s something I keep in mind, whenever a student sends me a note, expressing interest in becoming a meteorologist. I do everything I can to help them, because so many meteorologists helped me.

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