Welcome to Clandestine Kitchen! We specialize in made-to-order, scratchmade, farm-to-table nutrition, delivered right to your door. With myriad menus including our weekly Home Delivery menu, curated restaurant-style Friday Menus, weekly Special Menus, Plant Based Menus, CLEAN Gut Health Menus and more, there is truly something (or many things!) for everyone in your family.

Our CK Culinary Team (chef backgrounds include Eataly Boston, Trident, and more) is an incredibly talented team of local chefs and our dedicated, professional CK Delivery Team (rollin’ through the south shore in our CK refrigerated delivery vans) takes great pride in delivering these incredible menus to your door with our CK white glove promise. Placing orders with us is easy with our online ordering system. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the menu you would like to view from the grid on our homepage
  2. Add items to your shopping cart as desired – you can jump to various menu pages and add multiple offerings to your cart.
  3. Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right hand corner to view all items in your cart.
  4. If you are a brand new client, be sure to enter code NEWCK to save $20 on your very first CK order!
  5. Apply any gift cards or coupon codes
  6. Check out and enter your delivery address and payment information.
  7. Once your order is processed and received, our amazing CK Operations Team will reach out to assign you a delivery day (this will be your Home Delivery day each week). Special Menus and other menus with a specific day already assigned for delivery are separate from your Home Delivery weekly service day.
  8. If we do not yet deliver to your zip code (you will not be able to check out if your zip code is not in our delivery zone), please reach out – we do offer many pickup options along the south shore.
  9. Be sure to contact us at info@clandestinekitchen.com if you have any questions about our menus, the ordering process or navigating our website. We are always here to help!

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay tuned to all of our delivery opportunities (they typically sell out in just a few hours!). Many of our special menus are linked to our commitment to supporting local, and national, charitable organizations, healthcare heroes, education professionals and those that continue to serve us daily on the front-lines during these unprecedented times. We are committed to supporting local farmers, local small business owners, woman-owned and minority-owned small local businesses and supporting our community by truly “walking the walk” in our approach to sourcing ingredients, service, nutrition and delivery execution.

1. CK Weekly Home Delivery 

We offer consecutive weekly delivery (just $35/week minimum order) throughout the year featuring organic, farm-to-table ingredients prepared in a healthy and delicious way (our commitment to low-salt, low-fat cooking leaves you feeling satisfied and energized). Once you place your order using our online ordering system, your delivery day will be assigned to you and is based upon location. Choose any quantity of any “meals”, breakfast, lunch, and snack items and simply add them to your cart. Everything you order is prepared fresh for you the morning of your delivery and will last beautifully in your fridge for 3-4 days. With a focus on organic, local produce, proteins and partnerships, our CK Culinary Team prepares all meals and snacks fresh each morning (made to order!) in our private commercial kitchen and our CK Delivery Team heads out every afternoon in our refrigerated delivery vans to deliver healthy nutrition straight to your doorstep. Perfect for those seeking healthy versions of classic favorites, family-friendly dishes, and a perfect mix of highlighted organic proteins and an abundance of fresh produce and our CK housemade sauces, dressings and marinades.

To learn more about our home delivery, and to view our current menu (menu changes every week), please visit us online HERE. To place your first order, you may simply add items to your cart and checkout using our secure online shopping experience. Please also send us a quick email to info@clandestinekitchen.com and include your name, address and any questions you have. We will then assign you a weekly delivery day (based on location) and make sure you are aware of all current programs and menus.

2. CK 100% Plant-Based Monthly Delivery

For our clients choosing to follow a plant-based diet, or for those looking to incorporate more organic vegetables into their weekly diet, this NEW CK offering is designed to highlight an abundance of heart-healthy, plant-based, seasonal ingredients. This limited offering is prepared fresh by our CK Culinary Team every Thursday morning and is delivered to your door in our refrigerated CK vans between 2pm-6pm in 4-5 week monthly sessions. Our current session is already underway (see our awesome plant-based menu HERE) so, be sure to reserve your spot for our Thursday plant-based delivery menus (we are happy to prorate the monthly enrollment if you are joining us mid-month).

3. CK Special Menus

Every week, our talented Culinary Team creates special “pop up” menus using seasonal ingredients they can’t wait to get their hands on…and, knock our socks off with creativity, freshness, and flavor. These menus are ordered separately from our Home Delivery weekly menus and are delivered on a specific day (as outlined in the description) during the week. This means, you can enjoy your CK Home Delivery in the beginning of the week and enjoy a CK Special Menu delivery a little later in the week (our Special Menus are typically available on Wednesdays or Thursdays). Don’t forget to always take a peek at our weekly Special Menus HERE.

4 .CK Friday Menus

Every Friday, we let our Culinary Team go crazy and truly tap into their own unique, individual talent and experience to create a multi-course, “restaurant-style” menu designed to offer our clients the opportunity to enjoy a delicious “date night” at home (or “Girl’s Night” or “Family Dinner” or any event centered around amazing food that you don’t have to cook!). Past menus have included our ode to Nashville featuring our CK Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles, our own CK Italian Night featuring handmade pastas and sauces and our ever-popular Greek Night menu featuring handmade spanakopita, our “famous” Greek salads and Greek Pesto Chicken & Roasted Vegetables. These menus are extremely limited and sell out every week. You don’t want to miss out on grabbing your favorites so, always be sure to take a look HERE.

This month, March 2022, we are also offering our special CLEAN Gut Health menu focusing on foods that provide optimum nutrition with the easiest digestion, packing a healthy punch and a soothing gut-friendly focus. To view this menu and join us for our March 2022 delivery series (we are happy to pro-rate the session if you are joining throughout the month), please visit HERE.