off duty model on duty citizen

Off Duty Model/On Duty Citizen (ODM/ODC) is proving that sustainable is sexy. Founded by model, entrepreneur and activist, Britt Bergmeister and her mom, former model and current Hingham businesswoman Maria Bromley, ODM/ODC was created to bring awareness and opportunity for women to achieve style with ease while protecting our environment. A strong believer and supporter of the #stopsucking Strawless Ocean campaign, ODM/ODC has been instrumental in bringing awareness to the importance of reducing plastic waste to save our oceans and our sea life. Using her social media influence to generate awareness, Britt regularly gives credit to local restaurants and establishments that have made the commitment to go strawless. Here at home, many local spots have joined this movement and offer only paper straws, if any straws are offered at all. We are so proud to support this important commitment to proving that sustainability can be easy, sexy, and simple. The ODM/ODC brand is a shining example of what it means to stand up for our planet and wear your convictions on your sleeve (literally). Follow ODM/ODC on Instagram and check out their gorgeous & sustainable line of apparel & accessories and read more about how the modeling industry is empowering us all to prove that sustainable is truly sexy.