Summer may be ending for some, but lucky for us we have a few long weeks ahead before school starts and even more time before autumn officially starts, September 23rd according to the almanac (happy dance resumes).

Here are my favorite late-summer manicures to keep you well polished – and keep that “summer vibe” always at your fingertips:

All that Glitters
This was my favorite manicure all summer. Neutral nails are always in style and my favorite way to extend your manicure I love to sparkle, especially from within, but I usually opt for shine over glitter. This reverse glitter french, is subtle enough so no-one will think you shopped your little’s dress up bin and you can continue killing it at adulting.

Bright & Happy
#sorrynotsorry if I sound like a broken record at this point, but still loving neon and especially yellow. There’s a reason neon lights are used for signage, it grabs your eye and keeps your attention. The brighter the color, the happier the mood in my opinion. This shade of yellow is more primary than neon, but the feeling is the same.

Raise your hand if washing a million dishes, gluing a trillion crafts, and fixing endless household items sounds familiar? Same. I don’t always have my isotoner gloves handy (enter Dan Marino, sorry if I’ve lost you) but a good neutral polish can soften up any tired hand. Pink hues are an easy go to, but I love mixing it up with cool tones like:lavender, soft grey, and pastel blues.

Heavy Metal
The color is a little unexpected which I love, but fits perfectly with my go-to ripped denim shorts and tee lifestyle. Plus on a day/night when I trade my denim cutoffs for trousers (a little foreshadowing for fall), this metallic polish adds some edge to my look. I’d also love a bronze (not gold) color to achieve the same look.