What’s your favorite color? Without a doubt my go-to is anything neutral, I always gravitate towards navy, olive, cream, grey… Why? Because you can always build upon a great basic!

The easiest way to outfit yourself this season, and one of my favorite ways to dress lately, is by sticking with your basics and going monochromatic! Pulled together correctly, this look is anything but basic:

Start with your favorite color. What’s your go-to? The color that makes you feel strong, empowered, fun, relaxed, energized. Chances are you have one or many that describe all of these moods, and you might not even know it. Do you tend to always buy black dresses, pink tops, dark denim, bright coats?? These colors should stick out in your closet, likely colors that make you feel confident when wearing them. Next time you get dressed, try wearing that color, from head to toe. The colors don’t have to be exact, but should be similar shades to bring it all together. If you feel like mixing it up, punch up your accessories with a printed or textured shoe, bag, scarf and/or hat.

The best part…this look takes little to no time to pull together and it’s a great way to pull from your tried and true pieces you already own. It doesn’t get much better than shopping out of your own closet! So in this New Year, let the same wonderful you shine through in an updated monochromatic look.

Jessica Sandifer Simply Chic 1
Jessica Sandifer Simply Chic 2
Jessica Sandifer Simply Chic 3