Whether you are suiting up in sweats, jeans, dresses or just making the morning school run in your jammies chances are you are reaching for your favorite pair of boots. The temperature has dropped and I’ve had the same two lace up boots on repeat all winter! Although they are not new, I am breathing new life into them with the help of a little winter scrub and fresh laces.

First up, the cleaning. Boots take a beating, from dirt, mud, rain, ice, snow and salt. It’s important to invest in a good pair that can handle different types of weather and terrain. If you can, try to keep them clean after each wear with the scrub of a soft, medium or stiff bristle brush (depending on the fabric/material of the boot)-this will keep a deep clean at bay. But if you’re like me and you can’t seem to find the time, twice a year is a good place to start. I clean my boots at the beginning of the season (to get them ready for wear) and again at the end of the season (before I pack them up).

After the cleaning, consider swapping out the laces for a fresh new pair. The fibers in your laces will break down from constant tying/untying and harsh weather. A quick run through the washing machine may be just the trick, or simply purchasing a new pair of laces. Stay classic and buy a replacement of the same color and width or spice it up with a different color/pattern and/or size or shape (flat, wide, waxed, round).

Shown below: Black combat boot with wide flat cotton multi colored laces on left and round braided nylon laces on the right. These boots were originally purchased with black round waxed laces. A great classic look that I love, but I am enjoying the updated look of either of the laces below.

Shown below: White hiker boot with wide flat cotton laces in solid color on left, and round braided nylon on the right. I purchased these boots with the white round braided nylon on the right but have switched to the wide flat cotton laces on the left. I love how the contrast of the wide camel colored laces against the white boot *pop*. The boot feels a little less sporty and a little more updated.