Trying to decide on a Thanksgiving outfit? No sweat. Just grab some sweats or loungewear. If you haven’t had enough of elasticized waists at this point, why give them up now? From a legit sweatsuit to sporty bottoms paired with a statement sweater, we’re dishing some fashionable (and very comfortable) options for whatever kind of feast you’re planning.

Sweats + Sweater
These 3/4 cropped sweatpants made from lightweight french terry are fitted yet still super-relaxed, giving them a leg up on traditional sweats. Try them with a sweet sweater and a gold necklace and you’ve mastered the elevated sweatpants look. Not psyched for sweats? Start the day in your favorite denim and switch to sweats later. 😉

Sweats available at Assembly Showroom

Sweaters available at kloTH

Sweater available at Assembly Showroom

Cool + Cozy
If you’re embracing a full-on loungewear look, check out Electric & Rose at fig. a. I’m obsessed with pretty much everything this CA-based brand creates. fig. a has carefully curated options ready to mix and match for a modern, comfy style. From tie dye to velour, you’ll be giving thanks for comfort in anything Electric & Rose.

Available at fig. a in Hingham and on

Available at fig. a in Hingham and on

Available at fig. a in Hingham and on

Want to wear a dress but still have a relaxed vibe? Try the Sunday sweatshirt dress, available at fig. a.

Dining al fresco? Top off your look with a colorful hat. How amazing are these pompoms?! Hats available at kloTH.