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The idea of playing dress up is fascinating to children. I have watched my kids dress up in costume, and they have all enjoyed it more with accessories. Accessories help to tell a story, especially for the littles, you’re not a Dr. without the stethoscope, or a ninja without a mask. I like to think we, as adults, do the same thing.

Often when I get ready, I dress for how I feel that day rather than for the weather. Every morning I pause to think about my day, my activities and what story I want to tell. I can pick out the same sweater and jeans, or dress, and give it a different look depending on if I pair it with sleek accessories, bigger basics, or punch it up with texture.

Accessories can transform you from day to night, feminine to tough. When I’m helping to style someone its not necessarily important to know where they are going, but what their mood is. Knowing your mood can lead you to the right accessory. When selected properly, you leave the house feeling confident which is always in style!

I recently spent a day running around town checking everything off my list (high five!). Later that evening, I met some friends out so instead of changing completely I simply switched out my shoes, and bag and converted the same top and jeans into a new look (SEE BELOW). New look, less work!

As we prepare for holiday parties, and events check out your accessories. A great belt, jacket, jewelry or shoes can freshen up the basics we already have and rely on. Harness your youthful spirit and reach for your favorite accessories to complete the story you want to tell and don’t be afraid to dress up!

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Daytime Style

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Evening Style