I have been growing my hair long for about 2 years. I usually grow it just past my shoulders and keep it long for a season or two, then cut it all off, donate, and repeat! It’s a fun and easy way to change things up, but this post is not about a new hair cut, it’s about the new way I love to style my longer locks. Chances are most of you are familiar with a crimper, but what about a waver?

Unlike the stiff, accordion like crimps that a crimper iron produces, a waver iron produces soft, fluid, mermaid like waves. I’m not a professional hairstylist, but even I could master the waver after a few attempts on a rainy weekend. I tried out two different irons, the first had a smaller 3/4″ barrel that produced a tighter wave than I was looking for. The second is advertised as a “deep waver” barrel and produced a lighter, beach-y wave that I enjoy.

I like to style my hair in a variety of ways, similar to how I style my clothing and accessories. Some days call for pencil straight sleek hair, my everyday is usually a bouncy round brush blowout and my go to date night usually involves some curls or my hair back out of my face. The waver iron produces romantic waves for date night, effortless everyday curls and a little festival/party fun attitude. Best of all, it takes little to no time to style. I prefer keeping the waves sculpted & uniform, using larger sections of hair at once. But you can also work in smaller sections to create natural-looking waves.