Finding Self-Care in Socks.
It’s the little things.

Some people get massages, meditate, do yoga, or read a book. Self-care comes in all shapes and sizes. For this fashionista, that size was One Size Fits All when I recently decided to treat myself to a bunch of new socks.
Yep. Some good old socks were exactly what I didn’t know my life was missing.

As someone who typically eschews socks for a host of reasons, I’ve gotten used to not wearing them.
My bare feet feel great with Uggs. Ok-ish with sneakers. Meh with heels and booties… Sockless isn’t always the most comfortable, it just is what it is. Right? Wrong.

The Fashion Factor.
Socks were created for a good reason (duh) and this post isn’t going to focus on that (you’re welcome). Instead, let’s look beyond the obvious comfort factor and zoom into the fashion factor.
From glittery animal patterns to cool mantras (like Don’t Worry and Let That Sh*t Go), here’s a look at some of the pairs that I couldn’t pass up (see below).

How To Style Socks
Even before this sock binge, influencers and models sporting socks with shoes ranging from sneakers to stilettos started to appear in my IG feed. This is a real, legit thing happening now in fashion. Try yours with sneakers, peeking out of booties, and if you’re up for it, with heels or sandals.
The socks with heels combo can be tricky, so proceed with caution. When done right, it looks super fresh plus your feet stay warm (bonus!!).
Love the look but not up for the combo? Try sock booties.

Cheers to happy, healthy, and stylish feet.

Pictured here: Socks by Royalties Paris, available at Assembly Showroom in Hingham.
Socks by Mother available at kloTH in Hingham.

Stuart Weitzman, Axiom Sock Bootie. On sale for $379.00 plus an extra 50% off with code Hooray at
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