Are you a bath person?

I wasn’t always, but now I love treating my body and spirit to some sort of detox bath at least twice a week. I’d take one every day if I could (darn children & general “life obligations”!).

I feel like I now curate a bath like I would a craft cocktail, drawing from various beneficial ingredients depending upon my body state, mind state, and my environment – including:

* epsom salt
* ginger
* bentonite clay
* apple cider vinegar
* essential oils (ranging from eucalyptus to cinnamon)
* sea salt
* baking soda
* almond milk
* coconut oil (be careful – that’s slippery business. I speak from experience!)

Today, for example, I felt a migraine coming on so, I went with my go-to epsom salt and bentonite clay combo.

Epsom salts are full of magnesium – which is a scientifically-proven must-have for migraine sufferers. And there is no better way to effectively and efficiently absorb magnesium than through your largest organ – your skin!

Bentonite clay also contains essential minerals – including magnesium, calcium, and iron – but, it is a go-to bath ingredient because of it’s amazing toxin-removing power. Some people even DRINK bentonite clay!

Here is my Epsom Salt + Bentonite Clay Bath recipe:
– 2 heaping cups epsom salt
– 1 cup bentonite clay

Fill the tub with hot (but, not scalding) water (I admit – I like it HOT. But, apparently, the benefits are best served in a non-scalding temperature). Then, soak as long as you can, but at least 15-20 minutes.
Finally, be sure to hydrate!

Do you have a favorite craft bath cocktail?