Feeling a bit crazy? Workouts are non-existent these days? Studies show that squats, curls and crunches can calm your frazzled nerves!

We already have plenty of evidence that exercise helps beat depression and that exercise can elevate feelings of happiness and contentment. But most past studies of exercise and moods have almost exclusively looked at the effects of aerobic exercise – which we know works!!! We know that a good old fashioned sweaty cardio workout can boost our mood. But what about strength training?

A 2018 article posted by the Harvard Medical School concluded that people with mild to moderate depression who performed resistance training two or more days a week saw “significant” reductions in their symptoms, compared with people who did not exercise. So grab your dumbbells and get to WORK! You’ll be feeling STRONGER mentally and physically – a WIN WIN during this time of uncertainty and stress! Cheers to a happy AND healthy Holiday season!

Erin Waldner
Owner & Trainer
Proving Ground Studio