I don’t know about you, but I feel slightly like a mathmetician after 3 months of homeschooling kids. Or maybe the exact opposite since I had to relearn the new methods of arithmetic. Either way, I may have found an easy equation we can all get behind 1+1=6 (don’t worry I’ll explain)…

Separate sets are making a big comeback this season and I’m excited for all the options these sold separately pieces add to your wardrobe.

Lets start with separate sets that are sold separately (mostly), say that 5 times fast. Matching separates are seemingly everywhere…lingerie, lounge wear, ready to wear and they are available in printed and solid sets. And while you can certainly purchase your favorite piece separately, I’m making the case that it’s a bigger bang for your buck, CPW, full value, to buy the set, here’s why.

When you like a clothing piece enough to purchase it you are, usually, already planning how and/or when to wear it. Hopefully you have at least 2 great ideas on how, when or where to don this new stunner. For example, for arguments sake, lets pair a great top (your 1 piece) back to jeans then style them from day to night. For day time think sneakers/flats and an oversized light/heavy jacket depending on the weather and/or season. For night, swap your footwear for sandals/heels and a sleek handbag or blazer. So for one piece you get 2 looks, still with me?

Now, lets get back to all those matching sets you’ll see online, in your favorite local stores, and social media feeds. If you find a piece you like enough to purchase it, and it comes in a set, buy both! When you purchase both pieces, you can style the top: day to night; the bottom: day to night; and both pieces together: day to night. Voila…6 different style options born from 2 great pieces.

Here are a few of my favorite sets sold in some of my favorite stores:

Gingham two piece

Bloom Lingerie
Mix and Match sleep set shorts or capris (I’d totally wear these out and about to the pool, beach, store…)

Mix and Match hoodie and jogger for him

Mix and Match lounge set

Year of Ours ribbed tank & skirt

Ports and Company
Linen Dress & Shawl