Hands down, one of my favorite indulgences is getting a manicure. I say indulgence, because I personally lack the ability to properly polish and trim my cuticles. While I’m usually a big fan of any other DIY tasks or projects (I recently sewed/shortened a wig for my son’s costume–not pretty but he was happy with the results) this one I like to leave to the professionals!

Similar to my wardrobe I can get stuck in season friendly, skin tone flattering neutrals when it comes to my fingers and toes. This season however, I was inspired by all the fall pops of color and prints. My new favorite, the updated French Mani. Swap out the timeless natural look for a fun pop of color and revamped pattern. Think berry tones, vertical vs horizontal french, half moon or simply swapping the white tips for black. Currently, I am loving DND Wineberry with DND Pink Pearl (pictured above).
What’s your favorite?