I’m always on the hunt, but usually not for anything in particular. As much as I love to shop, I also love to look, feel, listen and find pieces everywhere. Whether I’m shopping online or in a store, my husband’s favorite question (which I never answer) is “what are you shopping for?”. He’s not asking for any other reason than sheer curiosity but I can’t answer because, until I see something that catches my eye, feel something with undeniable texture, or hear another shoppers delight, my response is “nothing”.

If you’re like me, you love a good find. But maybe not the “hunt” that sometimes goes along with it…waiting in line for sample sales or shopping on Black Friday (you get it). But, the thrill of adding a great piece to your wardrobe – well, that’s the fun part for me. Some items I love because of the great deal I got, others because of how I found them. I find that popping into any store (or online), even briefly, can be extremely rewarding. Here’s why:

Shop off season:
Ready to score a deal? Most stores will have a sale rack towards the back of their store so, don’t be afraid to ask where it is. These are items that are taking valuable floor space and the more items they clear, the more space they have to show other great wears that we all love to “buy now, wear now”. Typically these items are off-season and, while you might not want to look at another sweater or jacket when it’s snowing in April, you can just as easily score a great deal and put it away until next winter when you’ll be happy to have a new piece for your wardrobe that feels “free”.

Shop thrift & consignment stores:
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a great designer item or cool t-shirt here – sometimes brand new with tags! I know there have been instances that I have personally purchased something a little off in sizing or out of my comfort zone only to watch it sit unworn in my closet, until finally making its way to consignment (so, I know there are some great finds!). It’s always a good idea to wash your items, even brand new (you never know who tried on the item before you). But if gently used clothing isn’t your thing…accessories are usually the best items I find here.

Shop online for items you can’t find:
Sometimes, I go into a store I love only to find my size is sold out. If I’m shopping local small businesses, which I try to do as often as possible, special ordering is not always an option. I’m a brick and mortar girl myself, and don’t shop online too much, but a quick google search can solve your out-of-stock problem. It can also lead to finding the item on sale (first time discount) or another similar item you may love even more.

Shop your friend’s closet:
Not literally, but if you have friends with great closets and open doors by all means… What I mean is, I try not to limit my style by only shopping at stores I’m familiar with or that engage me with their windows. By going into any and every store, I often find items that help develop my own personal style. I like to change it up and buy items that stand alone AND mix well with different fashions. This way I always feel fresh and my pieces can transform and transcend any one category.

Here are a few items I have picked up from consignment stores, sale racks and stores that I don’t normally frequent:

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