Maybe I’m biased, but one of my favorite companies who gives back and empowers others, especially women, is Clandestine Kitchen. Creating delicious, healthy meals for clients was just the beginning … and now, CK is on a mission to support our community, spread wellness and bring whole body nutrition to you. Our partnership with Aldous Collins in support of Rosie’s Place is just one example. With an amazing selection of products to chose from: mens & ladies tees, trucker hats (my fav!), and winter beanies you are sure to make your Valentine’s day extra special knowing that the love is reaching far and wide with 25% of all proceeds going directly to Rosie’s Place. Spread the love and proudly wear this emblem of love and hope for our community. To order, simply email CK at and have your tees and hats in hand by Valentine’s Day.

Rosies Vday Post