Alexis Kletjian Mini Anchor Seaside Collection

You may remember Alexis Kletjian for her Hingham Sewing School she operated for boys and girls, her children’s clothing line, The Tots, or maybe just that friendly face passing through the aisle in Fruit Center or leaving fresh faced from Tryst. I have come to know her for her ability to create beautiful jewelry with purpose.

Now living in Pennsylvania with her family, Alexis lived in Hingham for over 10 years. Before moving, Alexis considered opening a fine jewelry gallery in downtown Hingham. One year to the day after settling into Pennsylvania, she signed the lease on her now popular gallery in downtown Kennett Square.

Always disappointed with the fit of bangles on her small wrists, she designed the perfect solid bangle for herself and friends took notice. From there, her first collection was born. Bracelets have a big place in her heart, and an even bigger place in her closet. She currently has more bracelets than pants-something I can identify with, as my shoe to pant ratio is also unbalanced!

Did I mention gemstones? The vast possibilities of color and shape have inspired her current and future collections. Some of my favorites are her new hexagon rings, a collaboration with Earth’s Treasury, featuring natural unheated sapphires. I’m also quasi stalking her instagram to soak up daily inspiration from her art of stacking bracelets & bangles, I think my one bangle needs a friend, maybe two…

After celebrating a milestone birthday, Alexis envisioned a bigger way to celebrate with the AK Legacy Campaign. Wellness for you, wellness for your family, something we at CK love. Bring her your memories, milestones and sentiments and Alexis will work with you to craft a timeless piece that not only is cherished by you, but by the generations it can be passed down to. Through her art of jewelry design and love of storytelling, each of us can add to, or begin, our own fine jewelry collection.

With the holidays just around the corner, this is the perfect time to start your own collection, or begin a fine jewelry collection for someone you love. There are so many beautiful options to shop now, and her newest collection, Seaside, will be launching Spring 2019 – something to look forward to!

Although she now resides in Pennsylvania, Alexis has kept a home in Hingham. Her love of the sea, sand and salt air are never far from her mind. Included in the collection are several ocean-themed pieces including unique gems sourced from around the world. At the heart of the Seaside collection are anchors, known for their symbolism of hope, safety and strength (also our CK symbol!). Although starting her career in jewelry was a risk more than 7 years ago, Alexis is anchored by her belief to create and live the life she wants to lead.

Later this month, CK will be joining Alexis, as she prepares to launch her Seaside collection, with a very special local fundraiser featuring the “mini anchor” charm (from her Seaside collection). A portion of the proceeds will be donated to an amazing local Hingham charitable organization that supports and cares for our community members (more info to come – stay tuned!).

What anchors you? Take a look in your jewelry collection and you may find a piece to redesign or a piece you can add from her meaningful collection that will give you hope, safety and strength.