Do you keep your clothing on a seasonal rotation, like holiday home decorations? For the same reason we don’t clutter our homes with New Year, Spring time, Easter, Halloween & Holiday (to name a few), we also should not clutter our closets.

Your winter sweaters should not be sharing space with your summer shorts, and so on. But this post is not about closet cleanups, it’s about the pieces that have permanent residence in your closet, like Britney in Vegas.

Some of the pieces that never leave my closet are my basics, specifically white basics. A crisp white button down, white pants (even jeans), white sweaters, white tees are all season-less. While this may seem like breaking the rules of fashion, I have to tell you I prefer not to follow rules in general. We all have our own style and personality and those should be the rules we follow.

A white button down in summer is beautiful if left unbuttoned like a light jacket or coverup. In the winter, I like to wear mine buttoned to the top and layered under a wool blazer or knit.

White pants, specifically jeans are easy go to’s for summer. In the winter I still reach for white jeans, with chunky oversized sweaters. If you can allow for more than one pair opt for a thicker pair that you can wear on a cool summer night or easily into winter.