Some people thrive on chaos. Some people do their best work “under the gun” so they say, “last minute Larry’s” or “deadline divas”. I am not one of those people.
But if you are, this may not be the article for you…

I thrive when everything is well thought-out, planned ahead, and runs smoothly. If you reverse that, then in order for things to run smoothly, you must be planful and thorough. Easier said than done.

This is not only true for running a business, but also for planning a big event, or for upcoming “life events” like back to school and all that comes with that.

I’m a visual person. I bet you are too. Having a place, one central place, to keep all my thoughts, tasks, to-do’s, ideas, dreams, goals, and kids ortho appointments is mandatory in order for me to keep my head on straight – and get sh*t done.

So, here’s my advice, it ain’t earth-shattering, but it’s real – invest in a great Planner. There are many on the market, you can find them at Target, Barnes & Noble, online, and here is one that I have been using for years and highly recommend (note: Courtney Doyle, Founder of CK, relies on Savor Life Planner every day!):

“Savor Life Planner” from Savor Beauty

I find it to be so well laid out from your weekly calendar/schedule, to an area to “Brain Dump” and get out all of your ideas and truly “see” them, to easy, guided goal setting. I love it for business and personal and I think you might too. And, with a place to record your goals and scheduled tasks – plus, a thoughtful roadmap on how to get there – you can start crossing off the “to do” list and start working on your “dream big” list.