I saw this post at the beginning of Covid and thought it was just another funny meme. But as the pandemic wore on, I started to take it a little more seriously. I was telling a good friend how I was feeling a bit down and lethargic lately. She immediately replied, “you get energy from other people and you are not getting that right now.” Like most people, I am not strictly an extrovert or an introvert, more a blend of both. I love socializing but I also love my “Netflix & chill” time. But I know that socializing with other people (in person) gives me energy and I am missing that. If you are feeling low energy levels, this could be one of the reasons.

I received a text the other day from a new friend whom I had met doing an online course together. We decided to take a walk on Nantasket beach. The minute I saw her in person her joyful energy radiated through me. We decided to walk right on the sand for a more grounded experience while the sound of the waves massaged our brains. It was at this point that it clicked for me. I have been missing the energy flow that you get from in-person interaction. It struck me that this is why zooming is so tiring. You are giving out your energy to the screen and not receiving anything back. Covid has made getting together with friends very difficult. But there are creative ways to help you cope. Walking outdoors with a friend, can be a safe, socially distant activity that still allows for the transfer and sharing of energy. Whether it is at the beach or in the woods, spending time in nature with another person offers immense benefits.

Plan inspiring daytrips with your spouse or a friend. My husband and I drove to Walden Pond this week and soaked in the vibes of Henry David Thoreau. “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”

We immersed ourselves in history, strolling the Minuteman trail and discussing the battles that led to the American Revolution. Somehow reliving moments from the past and realizing the tragedies and challenges they overcame made me realize that coronavirus is just one of the many challenges we have faced as a society and will triumph over once again.

Listen to your body and your soul. Exercise if you feel the need or rest if that seems better for your body right now. If you are missing in-person interaction try a socially distant walk or a daytrip to soothe your soul. We are all going through similar struggles but we each handle those struggles in different ways. Reach out to your (introvert and extrovert) friends. Make an effort to get outside, change up your daily routine. We will get through this together.

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