There have been a lot of surprising things about 2020…and that, my friends, is the finest
understatement of the year.

But perhaps we can all agree that a horse named Authentic winning
the 2020 Kentucky Derby couldn’t be more fitting. We strive towards authenticity in our daily
lives. With the great pause the pandemic has offered us, and the forced introspection which has
accompanied it, we are able to better examine our insides and what makes us who we are. Lately
we’ve had some extra time to reflect on ourselves, and what better time to ponder who we really
want to be.

We focus a lot on our exterior; on nutrition and diet, exercise, beauty and skincare, and these
are all important things, integral to our overall health. But equally important is a focus on our
wellness from within. How we feel on the inside makes a direct impact on our ability to project
confidence on the outside.

I choose to surround myself with inspiring women. Many among us are mothers who encourage
their children to be curious and never stop learning. I love that so many women have begun new
and interesting things at different stages of their life. Whether it’s becoming yoga-certified,
taking up guitar, getting fluent in Spanish, going back to school or deciding to cook vegan – I’m
inspired by my friends who are exploring the depths of their ability and reaching for new

Empowering other women is a way of leading by example.

As is the case with any team, we succeed best when we work together. But lifting each other up
doesn’t always come easy to women. I’ve had some wonderful female managers, but I’ve also
had some that felt threatened. Women shouldn’t feel a sense of competition with one another
unless they’re literally on a playing field. It’s hard enough to have the inequities of an overly
male-driven society, without us not being able to fully support one another.
We can do more together than we could ever do alone. Throughout history, women banded
together to make the most happen. Think back to the suffragette movement, the fight for Title
IX, the MeToo movement, what women have done to speak up for rights – it’s in our best
interest to succeed as a team.

Even girl bands are a little cooler, am I right? From Bananarama
to The Bangles, The Spice Girls to The Supremes. Girls make other girls better.
We want to feel strong on the inside and confident on the outside. It’s a partnership. One
woman making others feel better is portrait photographer Sarah Hinchey. Her commitment to
authenticity allows your personality to shine beyond the dimensions of a photograph. A
professional headshot can remind you of your own personal power and bring a renewed sense of

And what have we learned from the strongest, most confident women leaders? When Ruth
Bader Ginsburg banged her last gavel, I was reassured by the poetry of Maya Angelou’s “When
Great Trees Fall.” I’ve discovered it’s women who consistently comfort me during this time. We
are united in power and share a common, yet defining, female emotion of empathy.

Melinda Gates says: “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to
find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” We need other women to help us be heard. Kamala
Harris told us: “Dream with ambition and lead with conviction.” Let’s lift each other up and
propel ourselves forward into 2021 with a renewed focus on teamwork. On leading by lifting.
And perhaps at this year’s Kentucky Derby, a horse named Run Baby Girl will
win, you just never know. RBG, we thank you.

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Professional cover image headshot by Sarah Hinchey Photography. Sarah’s mission is to build self-love and self-value in every single person who walks into her studio. Sarah specializes in creating an empowering portrait experience.