I started 2020 with a new intention this year. To stick to a morning routine. Like most ( or probably all) of you- my life is crazy. Juggling a family, a business, a home, pets, & commitments up the wazoo – the list goes on and on. I was gaining anxiety and waking up through the middle of the night worrying about the responsibilities of the following day. I would wake up rushed, frantic and anxious trying to get everything done for everybody before we all got out the door. I dreaded mornings.

My resolution for 2020 was to make a change. I implemented a morning routine for myself – and it has become such an important part of my day. I set my alarm to wake up earlier than my toddlers, husband, and dog (trust me, this did take some getting used to) and creep downstairs.

My first step is to make a cup of hot lemon water. This is a new daily tradition for me and I don’t think I can ever look back. Not only does hot lemon water energize and wake you up, it also boosts your mood, daily digestion, immune system – among so many other benefits.

While sipping my hot lemon water in the quiet (having small children this is the biggest blessing of waking up early), I write in my daily gratitude journal. Starting my day out with grateful and positive thoughts has worked wonders on my anxiousness and negative thoughts. These positive and grateful thoughts mean so much more when you write them down and will carry with you throughout the day. I then take 5-10 minutes to either reflect or do a short guided meditation (I find mine on the Calm app or even YouTube) to center myself for the day ahead.

Just taking this quick 10-20 minutes every morning to myself has become my most beloved self-care routine. I now go to bed and look forward to my morning routine, instead of going to bed anxious or stressed. I have noticed I stay more calm not only in the mornings, but throughout my entire day as well from implementing this small change in my life.

If you don’t currently have a morning routine, I challenge you to create one. Wake up early, have some warm lemon water, write out your grateful thoughts and do something that is just for you .