Seriously. Dream big people.

Right now, being extra is in. But who has the time to put together intricate outfits to achieve this over-the-top look? No one I know. So let’s break this idea down to a simple item with MAJOR impact: statement earrings.

Throw on a pair of big, baubly earrings and you can instantly elevate your look—whether you’re already glam (in this case you’re extra extra!) or more comfortable in streetwear styles (hi sneaker lovahs).

Pull out that LBD or jumpsuit and add some big, colorful bling. Pair shoulder grazing earrings with your favorite jeans, tee, and cute heels (love this look!). This is of-the-moment fashion that takes seconds—and doesn’t come with a huge price tag. You can snag a pair (or more!) at Anthropologie, located at The Derby Street Shops.

Check out some of my faves below…

long gold earrings
long black earrings
jeweled statement earrings
jeweled statement earrings