Kasey Anton Part 3

Cash Flow Troubles and Administrative Overload are two of the most common pitfalls small businesses face. Here, we break down how Cyber Insecurity can derail your small business success:

Anyone with an internet connection faces the risk of a cyberattack. A small business in particular cannot afford to have ransomware hobble its computers or experience a breach that exposes sensitive data to cyber criminals. Besides direct losses, businesses face the possibility of legal action or fines if consumer data is compromised. Nearly twenty-five percent of organizations that have experienced a cyberattack have lost business, with forty percent citing substantial losses.

What can you do?

Create a custom small business cybersecurity plan. Check the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) 10 security tips for small businesses, which include advice like providing security training to employees, using a firewall to protect your network, backing up important business data, controlling and limiting access to data, and securing wireless networks.

Use the FCC’s list of resources, or take an online cybersecurity training session to help your small business stay protected.