Kasey Anton Put a Spark in Your Business

No company is immune from the consequences of mistakes, poor planning, or bad luck when starting (or owning) a small business. We now understand Cash Flow is important but, how fully do you understand the troubles associated with Administrative Overload?

Maybe you started a landscaping business because you have a green thumb and wanted to make a living in the fresh air. Yet, here you are, sitting at a desk, overwhelmed by paperwork, unsent invoices, lost bills and misplaced client notes.

Without proper organization and support, a small business can become the victim of its own success. One missed customer appointment can cause ill will – damaging your company’s reputation – and an unanswered call can send a potential client to a competitor.

Even if you’re well organized, administrative tasks may be taking too much time away from your core business and sapping your entrepreneurial energy.

What can you do?

Look at your pain points to determine where you need help. Online scheduling software can automate reminders, and a virtual assistant can handle appointments and calls.

If billing, payments, collections, and accounting have become stumbling blocks rather than engines that propel your business, consider a bookkeeping service to get your records in shape.

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